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A pottery started in the middle of Edo period.
With our traditional kiln with a chimney, we have been making tablewares, flower vases and folkcraft goods.

Up until 1968, our main products were earthenware mortars and jars baked with the 14-series “climbing kiln” utilizing firewood as fuel.
From 1969 up until now, we have switched to the “heavy oil kiln” which utilizes heavy oil as fuel.

~Focusing on Shinoyu-glaze works~
Shinoyu-glaze, one of the popular glazes used in Seto-yaki(Seto ware), adds white plump thickness to a ceramic from which you can feel unique warmth and the texture of Shino.

~Baking with “heavy oil kiln”,a rare kiln even in Japan~
We use heavy oil kiln to bake ceramics. It produces unique featured works that cannot be done with electric or gas kiln. Along with the fact that the method for Seto ware itself is quite rare across the country, the potteries using heavy oil kiln had become much fewer in number since the oil crisis. Here in OUJIGAMA, we take the traditional method with heavy oil kiln seriously in making our products.

~High quality clay from Seto-sogun~
The group of stratum that builds up the ground of Seto area is called “Seto-sogun”, which accumulated during the time period of about 10 million ~ 2 million years ago. Various kinds of ceramics in Seto have been produced thanks to the rich soil gathered from there.